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0-4 age group, baby clothing, 2007
Since the mothers' confidence giydirecekleri
BEBEMSY clothing brand manufacturing.

Emphasis on the external appearance of the babies
carefully prepared for mothers
Our clothes are all appropriate baby health
fabric of additives, non-allergic effect
materials and substances kansorojen
produced without using paint.

A rich range of products, changing customer
ourselves according to the demands of constantly

Can proudly say, "SUCCESS" team
is a matter of "principle set out and experience
At the end of our BEBEMSY, was born
each year from the date of
closer and closer to perfection.

Everything for babies, happy everything
for mothers and fathers .......

Every kind of knowledge and the quality of our customers quickly
providing access to efficient and reliable service
present, while improving business performance
costs, save time düşürmelerinive
to ensure that.

Customer expectations in the field of Children's Clothing
offer products and services based on high-quality
created by global standards, and institutional
The structure of the leading companies in the sector
take place.


* A fair and to be honest, and differences in beliefs
be respectful
* To be humble and tolerant
* to be helpful
* Activities in accordance with legal and ethical conduct rules
* Work to hold on
* Customer focused
* The difficulties, challenges, achieving the value of everything
believe could achieve
* Satisfied with the current, continuous improvement and development
* Scientific approach to and use technology effectively.
* Flexible and fast to be situational, behave.

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